Permits & Subdivisions

Development Permits

If you are planning to build, modify or change a structure, or change the way you are using your land, a development permit will likely be required. For a comprehensive list of those developments that do not require a Development Permit, please see here.

To apply for a Development Permit, the first item required will be a completed application FORM.

  • Please fill out all fields to the best of your ability, and sign on all lines denoting a signature.
  • Next we will require a site plan drawing indicating where on the property you will be locating your development with all setbacks clearly labeled. (Setback requirements are listed in the relevant land use section of the bylaw, see Planning and Development Page and click on Land Use Bylaw Schedules).
  • These two items will get the process started, if we advise you that the application requires more than these two items we will communicate that directly with you when the application is received.
  • The last item is the fee which is determined by the type of use (permitted or discretionary) and the size of the development and is outlined in our Fees for Service Bylaw.

A completed application form may be sent via email, mailed to our office at PO Box 180 Vulcan, AB T0L 2B0 or dropped off in person at 102 Centre St, in Vulcan, AB.

If you have any questions or concerns please call (403)485-3135.

Subdivision Applications

Vulcan County is a partner in the Oldman River Regional Services Commission (ORRSC) , as such ORRSC is responsible for all subdivision applications for Vulcan County. 

Our ORRSC contracted planner is:
Ryan Dyck 

A complete subdivision application will include the following:

  • A completed form.
  • A complete diagram of the proposal including all dimensions.
  • The applicable fee.
  • A surveyor’s sketch of the structures when the application is in an urban area, if any development exists on the site.
  • A recent certificate of title (within the last 30 days).

For more information on the subdivision approval process, fees, appeals, requirements, or finalization, please see the following link.