Interactive Mapping

Vulcan County utilizes geographical information systems (GIS), mapping applications and spatial data sets on a daily basis. Ownership maps are updated each year and are available only as printed paper maps to purchase from the Vulcan County Administration office.  Click on the following link to access the County’s Interactive Mapping:

There are certain PDF maps available within our Map Room. Spatial datasets such as Addresses, Roads and Places of Interest are available to AMDSP’s AMOS website

Other spatial data sets include:

  • Addressing
  • Road Networks
  • School Divisions
  • Assessment Information
  • Current and Historic Air Photos
  • Signage Inventories
  • Fire and Recreation Districts
  • Land Parcel Boundaries
  • Road Project information
  • Places of Interest 
  • Oil and Gas Locations
  • Bridges and Culverts Inventory
  • Electoral Divisions