Land Use Bylaw Amendment

There are a number of circumstances through which you may need to request a land use bylaw amendment. The most common is requesting a new land use designation, or rezoning, and the other is a textual amendment, where a provision, parameter, definition, standard or use is changed or added to the Land Use Bylaw.

The process involves submitting a form describing the desired change in zone or text to administration, with a fee. Administration then presents the application to council as a proposed Bylaw to amend the current Land Use Bylaw. Therefore the Bylaw process is followed through first reading, a public hearing process, where affected parties will be notified and invited to comment on the proposed change, and finally, if there are no major issues arising from the Public Hearing, on to second and third reading. Once the Bylaw receives third reading it comes into effect. Depending on the matter being applied for, the entire process usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks to complete.