Textual Amendment

A municipality’s Land Use Bylaw is a very large and comprehensive document, but even then some items can get missed. If you wish to pursue a new type of development, and our Land Use Bylaw doesn’t even contemplate it, then a textual amendment may be required.

Often text amendments are pursued by administrative staff, when requests for certain types of developments increase, or when new industry standards need to be considered. A textual amendment is the mechanism for these modifications to the Land Use Bylaw. Though they are often pursued internally, there exists the opportunity for administration to receive textual amendment applications from members of the public.

The process is very similar to a rezone. An application form is filled out and submitted to Vulcan County with a fee. Administration drafts a Bylaw describing the proposed changes to the Land Use Bylaw, and presents it to council for consideration. It must go through first reading, a public hearing process, and second and third reading before the changes are in effect.

If you would like more information, or would like to discuss the options, please contact our Development Department.