Articles of Interest

AB Invasive Species Council

Information on all invasive species within and at risk of entering Alberta as well as how to control & prevent them. Click here for their website.

The Blue Book – Alberta’s Crop Protection Guide

The Blue Book is a longstanding and trusted resource for Alberta farmers and agronomists, providing current pesticide application information. Click here for more information.

Alberta Farm Animal Care (AFAC)

This website is a great resource for humane and best practice farm animal care. Their website includes Alberta laws & regulations, emergency response & preparedness, and the AB ALERT line for reporting animals in distress. Click here to visit their website.

National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC)

A resource of information for farm animal care, Codes of Practice, animal care assessments & more. Click here for their website.

Ag Know

Whether it’s accessing resources for yourself, or pointing a farmer in the right direction, AgKnow is your key partner in the evolving landscape of farm mental health. Check out their website here for lots of mental health resources.

Agriculture Job Connector

This is an Alberta Government website that gathers job search tools & resources for the Agriculture Industry. Click here for more information.

AB Agri-News

A great resource for all things up and coming in agriculture events, announcements, reminders and information. Sign up for their newsletters here.

Farming Smarter

A Southern Alberta based research site with resources on past, current and trending future grain and cropping practices. Click here to visit their website.

Green Acreages – Land Stewardship Centre

This is a program to assist acreage owners implement stewardship practices on their properties, including workshops, information access, and incentives offered. Click here for more details.

Young Agrarians – Business Mentorship Network

Sign up to be a Mentee OR a Mentor in the Young Agrarians Business Mentorship Network. Click here to visit their website for more details.

Agricultural Moisture Situation Update

At the below Alberta Government link you will have access to up-to-date precipitation maps as it relates to our normal long term precipitation received on average for the Province of Alberta.

For the most current maps please click here.

Prevent Spoilage – Safe Storage Guidelines

University of Alberta – Research Survey: Winter Wheat & Ultra-Early Seeding