Property Tax Calculator

The following “calculator” can help you estimate your property taxes (using 2024 Tax Rates).  As the County has Special Tax rates, you will need to provide the following information to “calculate” your estimated taxes:

Property Tax Calculator

What type of Property do you have?

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Municipal Operations Breakdown

For details relating to the applied tax rates, please see our Tax Bylaws section.

Disclaimer: This Property Tax Calculator is provided for you to estimate the potential tax amount on a given property.  This is an estimate only.  To verify your actual tax levy, please see your Tax Notice or contact the Administration at 403-485-2241.  Vulcan County is not liable for damages or losses that may result from the use of this information. Note that certain properties have special exemptions under the Municipal Government Act and as such may not be applicable to specific tax rates. 

Information for completing Property Tax Calculator:

1. Type of Property – There are four (4) main categories provided to assist you in estimating your property taxes

  • Residential – this would be for a residential type property only where the land is also classified for residential purposes, which may include properties in hamlets and resorts.
  • Farmland – this would be for the majority of farms, where it can include both a residential property (farm house) and the farmland. You may also use this option for only farmland as well, as a residential portion is not always included on a section of land.
  • Non-Residential – this would be for all other properties that are not residential nor farmland. This may include assessment for industrial/commercial properties, machinery & equipment, and/or linear properties such as wells and pipelines.
  • Multiple types – this is a “catch all” selection for those properties that have many different type of assessment classes on one parcel, such as commercial activities on a farm. You may select any applicable assessment classes that relate to your property.

2. County Districts / Location – There are currently six (6) fire and recreation districts within the County, each of which have different applicable tax rates for fire and recreation.

There are some slight differences between the districts. To get the most accurate property tax estimated, please ensure that you find your correct district.  You may use your prior tax notice to find your district by reviewing your fire and recreation tax rates.  You may also use the following maps to assist in determining the correct fire and recreation districts.