Fire Training Center

The Vulcan County Emergency Services Fire Training Tower is a certified clean burning facility. We offer a high-quality training facility with exterior props, a classroom with audio/visual equipment, washrooms, and experienced tower operators to keep your evolutions running smoothly. The Fire Training Tower can be booked between March 15th & November 15th.

Ground Floor

The T-500 system allows for instant ignition, shut down, and re-ignition of fires using a handheld control pendant. This increases safety and decreases the re-ignition time of a standard class A fire facility, allowing the Fire Departments to maximize training evolutions. The operator controlled fires of the T-500 fire simulator give the instructor complete command over the fire training scenarios, while the PLC computer automatically monitors safety conditions and systems. On the ground floor, there is a search room complete with furniture, windows, and multiple doorways. You will be able to practice sprinkler operations, standpipe, as well as burn room with a bedroom fire. Experience thermal layering without contaminating your bunker gear.

Second Floor

Making your way to the second floor, you will find many props and training aids that allow you to maximize your training day. Multiple windows for leader egress, a rollover room, wall and floor breach areas, interior and exterior stairwells for water mapping, and a confined space tube that runs from the second floor to the ground floor.

Third Floor

On the Third Floor, we have created an attic entanglement space where members can practice keeping their cool in tough spots. The attic space is large enough to accommodate large or small groups. The Fire Training Tower provides for high-angle rescue training. The roof on the tower itself is not used for breaches so we created a pitched roof prop that allows members to place a roof ladder and work with chainsaws for vertical ventilation practice.

Outside Props

  • Bail out Prop
  • Flange Fires
  • Pressurized Vessel Fires
  • Dumpster Fires
  • Fuel Pan Fires
  • Forcible Entry Door
  • Car Fires