Strategic Planning

Every four years, as a new Council is elected, Vulcan County develops a new strategic plan and priorities that provide the roadmap and direction for County administration and operations. Vulcan County Strategic Plan (2022-2026) is intended to provide a brief overview of the County’s vision, values, and strategic themes. The guiding principles used to create this document were:

  • Provide a transparent government that is fair and effective
  • Diligent Council and Administration that seek the best long-term outcome for our ratepayers
  • Sound fiscal decisions that ensure the sustainability of the County into the future

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Our Vision & Mission

Vision: Realizing opportunity and growth through collaborative leadership and accessible administration.

Mission: Through proactive municipal leadership and partnerships, we will balance traditional planning with innovation to realize economic development and community growth for future prosperity.

Our Values

Fiscal Responsibility – we will be transparent in our financial decision-making and share how we mitigate economic risk. Council and Administration will work to find ways to manage and recover costs, while saving for the County’s future needs and continue to utilize taxpayer dollars efficiently and effectively.

Collaboration – Council and Administration will collaborate with our neighbours, partners, and communities to find ways to leverage taxpayer dollars, encourage economic growth, and enhance our quality of life.

Accountability – We have the courage to take personal responsibility to do the right thing both through our actions and decision-making and we hold each other accountable to do the same.

Integrity – We foster a culture of honesty, openness, trust, and respect in all our interactions.

Leadership – To consistently lead with integrity, fairness, humility, and clear and honest communication.

Our Strategic Priorities

Economic Resiliency

Continued Collaboration with Regional Partners

Continued Investment into Infrastructure and Required Equipment

Responsible and Transparent Leadership & Governance

Continued Support of our Agricultural Industry

Safe Communities

Key Success Measures

Stakeholder Satisfaction

  • Reduce complaints
  • Timely response to complaints and requests for service
  • Healthy relationships with neighbouring municipalities, communities, and our citizens
  • Improved external communications

Council Satisfaction

  • Effective communications with the CAO
  • Policy development, implementation & evaluation
  • Public consultation


  • New and existing municipal services and infrastructure are maintainable and provide benefit for the future
  • Negative impacts from external stakeholder projects are reviewed and mitigated to the best of our ability

Process and System Improvements

  • Approval and acceptance of innovative ideas and approaches
  • Investment in innovative technologies
  • Updated regulatory documents and processes

Financial Viability

  • Diversification and strengthening of the assessment base
  • Reasonable taxation and fee levels
  • Prudent reserve levels
  • High-quality and well-maintained infrastructure
  • Successfully working within budget