Budget Process & Information

In accordance with the Municipal Government Act, Sections 242 & 245; County Council approves an Operating and Capital Budget on an annual basis.

The Operating Budget is currently done on an annual basis, taking into account up-coming operating projects and is calculated on a line-by-line item basis, compared to using gross figures to determine the budget. The budget takes into account the current economic conditions, provincial policy changes, and service needs within the County.

Interim Budgeting and Planning

Toward the end of each year, under the direction of Council’s Budget Committee, Administration prepares the Interim Operating and Capital Budgets for the following fiscal year. These budgets compile the costs of each of the departments together on a line-by-line item basis to determine the total program costs which need to be funded from revenues. All other sources of municipal revenues and transfers other than taxation (such as provincial grants, investment income, user fee revenues, etc.) are applied against these total program costs; whereas the net remaining amount is to be raised by property taxes. The amount of tax revenue needed to fund the programs along with the assessment base determines the tax rates used.

Before the start of the fiscal year, Council adopts the Interim Operating and Capital Budgets based on the information available.

The County also adopts a three (3) year operating plan and a five (5) year capital plan as part of the budgeting and planning process.

Approved Final Budgets

In the spring of each year, Administration gathers the remaining information required to finalize the budgets; where this may include the following:

  • Final property assessment values (typically received in late February – early March)
  • Provincial Education requisitions (typically received in late March)
  • Seniors Foundation requisitions (typically received in March)
  • Final Allocation of Provincial grant funding (typically received in March)
  • Final quotes, funding requests, and other costs as needed

Once all information is received, under the direction of Council’s Budget Committee, Administration prepares the Final Operating and Capital Budgets for the year.

The approval of the final budget also provides the effective calculations of the applicable Tax Rate Bylaws.

Capital Budgeting

There is currently a 20-year Capital Plan, which assists in the development of the annual capital budget, outlining the capital replacement plan during the 20-year period. This 20-year Capital Plan is currently funded by capital reserves and projected contributions to the capital reserves. This methodology of long-term budgeting allows for stable tax rates to fund capital purchases, compared to significant highs and lows required to fund the capital projects and equipment.

Recreational & Cultural Funding Requests

As part of the budget process, Council reviews multiple applications for funding from organizations throughout the County. In order to effectively review these applications, Council has established Recreation Boards for each of the districts within the County. These Recreation Boards assist the organizations with the preparation of their applications and provide recommendations to Council for their districts Recreation and Cultural funding. The following Bylaws were established to form the following Recreation Areas:

  • Carmangay & District Recreation Area (Bylaw 2013-008)
  • Champion & District Recreation Area (Bylaw 2013-005)
  • Lomond & District Recreation Area (Bylaw 2013-009)
  • Milo & District Recreation Area (Bylaw 2013-011)
  • Vulcan & District Recreation Area (Bylaw 2012-041)
  • Northwest Recreation Area (Bylaw 2013-007)

Vulcan County supports and promotes recreation and culture within Vulcan County; therefore, the County is committed to funding Recreation and Culture activities as set out by our Policies and Bylaws.  Please see the Policy 12-2215 Recreation and Culture Funding Policy for additional details.

The forms below can be filled out by all organizations, clubs, etc., to apply for recreation and cultural grants from Vulcan County.  Please fill out the applications and submit them directly to your local Recreation Board by August 1st to ensure consideration on the upcoming funding year.

The following is the contact information for submission to each of the Recreation Areas:

Recreation AreaContact NameEmail
Carmangay & District Laurel AuchEmail
Champion & DistrictLadell SmithEmail
Lomond & DistrictBen StokesEmail
Milo & DistrictLloyd DeitzEmail
Vulcan & DistrictNels PetersenEmail
Northwest DistrictNicholas KuntzEmail

Please note that the deadline for the Recreation Board to provide the applications with recommendations to the County for consideration in the upcoming budget is no later than October 31st of the year prior to the budget; whereas, the following is the Schedule of Recreation & Cultural Timelines:

Please see the Financial Statement & Reporting section for the County’s current approved budgets and budget documents. After the budget is approved by Council, expenditures are controlled against the budget by formal purchasing policies, financial systems, and financial reporting designed to prevent budget overruns.