Alberta Agriculture Hall of Fame

The Alberta Agriculture Hall of Fame was created in 1951 to recognize individuals on a biennial cycle who have made significant contributions to the agriculture and food industry and to the development and sustainability of rural life in Alberta.

Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation ceremonially inducts up to 3 individuals every 2 years. The Selection Panel is appointed by the Deputy Minister and is comprised of a cross-section of panelists representing Alberta’s agriculture industry. 

Nominations are now open for the Alberta Agriculture Hall of Fame.

Deadline for nominations: May 3, 2024

Visit here to see eligibility requirements and the nomination process.

2024 BMO Farm Family Award

BMO and the Calgary Stampede are proud to honour farm families that have made a tremendous contribution to their community and the Agricultural Industry throughout the years. The selected farm family for Vulcan County will be invited by the Calgary Stampede to join the BMO recognition program during the 2024 Calgary Stampede. As special guests, the farm family will enjoy a daylong itinerary of Stampede events and will be presented with a Gate Sign in recognition of their accomplishments.

If you feel there is a family in Vulcan County deserving of this award, send in a nomination the Director of Agricultural Services. The nomination must include the family’s name, farm name, primary contact, mailing address, telephone number and email address.

Nominations must be submitted no later than 4:00p.m. on Wednesday, January 10, 2024.

Vulcan County’s Agricultural Service Board will review the nominations and select a farm family to represent Vulcan County.

Alberta Century Farm & Ranch Award

The Alberta Century Farm and Ranch Award recognizes farm families that have continuously owned and actively operated the same land for 100 years or more.

Farming and ranching consist of hard work and sacrifice. Combined with a healthy dose of energy and unrelenting faith, spirit, and vision, complemented by a new land of limitless natural resources, these are what brought our forefathers to Alberta.  They settled the land to build the family farm or ranch – the place many of you continue to call home today.

Courage and determination were what our parents and grandparents had, and they had plenty of it.  Marked by the same spirit of unshakeable resolve, it’s not surprising that second and third generations continue to build this rich heritage of agriculture.

It’s a heritage to be proud of.  Reflected by personal sacrifices, perseverance, and a commitment to a family way of life, it’s a legacy that you too may pass on to your children.

An Element of Recognition

Keeping the farm or ranch from generation to generation and actively operating is an impressive achievement for any Alberta family.  The Government of Alberta wishes to recognize these special families who built the foundation of prairie farming and ranching. The Alberta Century Farm and Ranch Award salutes those families who have continually owned and actively operated the same land for a minimum of 100 years.

It’s important that those families be recognized.  If you know of a century farm or ranch family in your area, pass this information along and have them fill in the application form!

Click the link below to view:

Alberta Century Farm & Ranch Award Application Form

  • At the time of application your land has been continuously owned and actively farmed or ranched by your family* for a minimum of 100 years**
  • Provide evidence clearly demonstrating the kinship ties between you and the founder of the farm, ranch, or homestead
  • Provide the legal land location
  • Provide the date of homestead or farmland establishment***
  • Provide the current ownership land title
  • The current size of the original homestead or land base should be at least 160 acres of land

Please note:
*If you need clarification of the definition of “family,” please call 310-0000 and then 780-422-0492

**The 100 years start from the time the land was occupied for farming or ranching.  In many cases, this was before the homestead title was issued.  Eligible land that has been rented to persons outside of the family during the 100 years or at the time of application is ineligible for an award.

***You can search the homestead document(s) at the Provincial Archives of Alberta yourself, or you can phone the Archives to do the search for you, for a charge. 

Provincial Archives of Alberta
Reference Desk
8555 Roper Road
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 5W1
Phone:  780-427-1750
Fax:  780-427-4646

Bursaries & Scholarships

Foothills Forage & Grazing Association 2024 Bursary

Available to one Alberta resident registered in first, second, third, or fourth year of a full-time
program at a post-secondary institution. Awarded to a student with a satisfactory academic
standing and who in one page can make a compelling case for how their education will
contribute to the future of Agriculture, specifically the forage and livestock industry in Western Canada.

For more information please click here.

Applications are due by February 16, 2024.

2024 Rotary Ag Scholarship

The 2024 Rotary Club of Lethbridge East Agricultural Scholarships are Southern Alberta’s most coveted
awards for post-secondary undergraduate agriculture students. Scholarships, valued at $10,000 each, will
be awarded to the successful applicant(s).

For more information on this scholarship please click here.

Applications are due by January 31, 2024

Agricultural Services Bursary


To encourage Vulcan County high school students to choose a career in agricultural or environmental sciences, and financially assist them.


1. Bursaries are available to students continuing their education at a College or University. Students must be enrolled in an agricultural or environmental science-related program in or outside of Alberta.

2. Two $1,000 bursaries will be awarded annually.

3. Applications with all supporting documentation must be received by May 31st.

4. Each student may obtain a bursary only once.


5. Eligible applicants must be residents of Vulcan County when completing their high school diploma.

6. The applicant is required to supply a copy of their marks from the last year of high school attendance, together with a letter of acceptance and course of studies planned at a post-secondary institution.


7. The Agriculture Service Board shall award these bursaries annually based on scholastic standing, social and community activities, and chosen program of study.

8. High school graduates just entering their post-secondary studies will be given priority over students in subsequent years’ studies.

* Completed applications, together with the required supporting information, shall be forwarded to the Director of Agricultural Services no later than June 30th. *

Click below to view:

Agricultural Services Bursary Application Form

Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen (AAAF) Memorial Bursary

The bursary is intended for Alberta students continuing their education at a College or University. Students must be enrolled in an agricultural or environmental science program.

There is a $1000 bursary available in each calendar year for each of the 5 provincial regions of the Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen.

The Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen, as an ongoing tribute to active or retired AAAF members who pass away, and in the spirit of continuing education valued by our Association, created the AAAF Memorial Bursary.

Click here to view more information and to download an application form.