Agricultural Service Board

The Agricultural Service Board program was established in Alberta in 1945, as a means for municipalities to deal with agricultural requests and issues quickly and efficiently within their own areas.  Since then, they have developed into a key component in Alberta agriculture to advocate for their local communities, and act as a resource for weed control, soil and water conservation,  and other agricultural expertise.  Every municipality in Alberta has an ASB, under which an Agricultural Fieldman operates.  The Agricultural Fieldman “develops, implements, and controls programs designed to carry out priorities and policies set by their Agricultural Service Board.” (Historic Overview – Agricultural Service Boards).

The Vulcan County Agriculture Service Board consists of an Agricultural Chairman, Agricultural Vice Chair, and three Members at Large.  Each term is three years long, with meetings four to six times per year.  The Agricultural Fieldman and Assistant Agricultural Fieldman operate under the guidance of the Vulcan County ASB.

More information on Agricultural Service Boards can be found by clicking here.

Current Vulcan County Agricultural Service Board Members

  • Doug Logan (Chair)
  • Shane Cockwill (Vice Chair)
  • Ryan Fleetwood
  • Blain Cockwill
  • Ed Kettenbach