Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPPs)

Vulcan County offers a Tax Installment Payment Plan for our ratepayers.  This allows ratepayers to pay their property taxes over the year in equal monthly installments.  This program is only applicable to the current year’s taxes and payments are automatically made on the 15th or 31st day of each month (or the next available business day). Please note that you will have to send this form in along with a void cheque in order for the process to be completed.

To download and print a Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan application please click here

The requirements for enrollment are as follows:

  • Taxes in arrears are paid in full
  • Application form with void cheque

The deadline for application of TIPPs for current year taxes is July 1st; whereas applications made after July 1st will be for the following tax year and the monthly installments will begin in the following January. 

Monthly installments will be calculated as follows:

  • If the current year’s Tax Notice has not been mailed at the time of application, the monthly installment amount will be calculated by dividing the previous years’ tax levy by the remaining months in the calendar year.
  • After the Tax Notices have been mailed, the remaining monthly installments amounts shall be calculated by taking the actual current year’s tax levy, subtracting the prior monthly installments that have been received to date (if any), and dividing by the remaining months in the calendar year.

Please see below for our “TIPPs Calculator” to assist in determining your estimated monthly instalments.

TIPPs Calculator

Has your tax notice been mailed for the current year?

Tax Roll Information:

Amounts owing from prior years


Current year tax levies (on Tax Notice)


Prior Year Tax levies (or estimate)


Total balance owed to date


Date of application received

Preferred date for payment

Payment required to enter TIPPs program

It is a requirement that all tax arrears are paid to enter the plan; therefore, to enter the plan for the following year, all balances are required to be paid in full. Ensure payment is made before the due date to avoid penalties.

Scheduled TIPPs Payment Date

TIPP’s continues from year to year until the ratepayer withdraws, the plan is canceled or defaulted, or the property is sold.

TIPPs Calculations – Existing Plans

For ratepayers already enrolled in TIPPS, there will be two recalculations done throughout the year. Recalculations are done to adjust for the changes in your taxes from year-to-year. Recalculations are done in January and July each year.

  • The January recalculation is calculated based on your previous year’s tax levy and that number is divided by 12 months in the year to determine your monthly payment for the upcoming tax levies. From January to June, you are pre-paying for your current years taxes.
  • Once taxes are mailed out at the end of May, and we have your actual assessment, we can run a recalculation in July. This is done by taking your current year’s assessment and subtracting any payments made (January-June) and then dividing that number by the remaining months in the calendar year, to assure that your tax account balance will be effectively at zero come December 31st.

Example of recalculations on an existing plan:
January recalculation:
> Prior year assessment (Levy) $2,000.00 / 12 = $166.67 per month
Monthly payments from January – June will be $166.67 per month
(Payments made from Jan-June $166.67 x 6 months = $1,000.02)

July recalculation:
> Current year assessment $1,900.00 actual levies
Calculations are the actual levies less payments already made
($1,900.00 – $1,000.02 = $899.98 remaining)
Payments from July – Dec ($899.98/ 6 = $150.00 per month)

In the example, the payments were $166.67/month for the first half of the year and were updated to $150.00/month last half of the year. Total payments are $1,900.02 which effectively cover the $1,900.00 current year tax levies (variance from rounding). The difference is rolled forward to the following tax year. In January of the following year, the monthly payment will be recalculated based on the updated tax levies of $1,900.00 and will equate to revised monthly payments of $158.33 ($1,900.00 / 12 months). This process is once again updated in the following July (as part of the ongoing TIPPs process).

For further information and forms, please call Vulcan County at 403-485-2241. For in-depth analysis, please see our Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan Bylaw in our Bylaws section.