Business Fire Inspections

Fire Inspections are conducted by Safety Codes Officers of the Fire Discipline to ensure adherence to the National Fire Code, Alberta Edition 2019. Vulcan County works with the Town of Vulcan and the Villages of Milo, Lomond, Champion, and Carmangay to conduct Fire Inspections of businesses on a complaint or request basis.

Fire Inspections are a vital service to create safer shopping, personal services, and community events. These initial inspections are offered at NO cost to the business owner. Contact us at the number below to book your inspection.

When is a Fire Inspection Required?

A Fire Inspection is required anytime your building:

  • changes occupancy
  • completes significant renovations
  • is newly constructed
  • is reopening a business after it has been closed for 6 months or more

Special Event Guidance

Pre-Inspection Checklist

Construction Site Safety Plan

To book your Fire Inspection or for further inquiries
please call (403) 485-2133 or Email.