Public Education

Vulcan County Community Peace Officer’s (CPO) lead and take part in Public Education in our Villages and Hamlets. CPO’s partner with local organizations and work to deliver valuable safety information to residents. Some of our partners are:

  • Vulcan FCSS
  • Town of Vulcan
  • Vulcan RCMP
  • CP Rail Police
  • Alberta Sheriffs (Commercial Vehicle & Fish and Wildlife Branches)

Our primary focus has been on teaching Bicycle Safety and Helmet Safety to the youth of our County.

We teach youth basic care of their bicycles, universal hand signals and intersection safety.

Our aim is to instill safe practices for operating their bicycles inside Urban Settings.

We also run a Positive Ticket Program that we use to encourage positive behavior from youth. We engage with the youth and answer their law enforcement related questions which reinforce a friendly and trusting relationship with law enforcement.