Here in Vulcan County, we have a vast majority of agricultural lands which are referred to as grasslands. Grassland fires pose the biggest risk to our communities and your home. Through education and preparation, you can help reduce the negative impacts of grassland fires.

New in 2023, we have partnered with FireSmartTM Alberta and FireSmartTM Canada and will be offering Advanced Home Assessments. This will allow us to work with you to best prepare your home and property against wildfire.

“FireSmart, Intelli-feu and other associated Marks are trademarks of the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre (CIFFC)”. 

Advanced FireSmart Home Assessments

Vulcan County Emergency Services offers FREE Advanced FireSmart Home Assessments for residents to support your wildfire mitigation plans. These assessments are guides to support you in preparing your home and property against the threat of wildfire.

The assessments take approximately 1 hour and provide a lot of useful recommendations on how you can reduce the risk to you, your family, and your property.

To book an assessment or to find out more please call (403)485-3122.

FireSmart Alberta Last-Minute Wildfire Checklist

Print/download and save a copy of the Last-Minute Wildfire Checklist!

This checklist is designed to help you prepare your home before a wildfire occurs.

If you follow this checklist and have a plan in place to complete the items that you can only do prior to an evacuation (such as taping/covering vents, shutting off water, electricity, and gas, etc.) you will be better prepared to leave your home in a hurry if the need should arise.

Fire Season is upon us, let’s do our part to reduce the risk to our homes and communities!

Wildland Urban Interface (WUI)

Where areas of undeveloped lands (grasslands and forests) meet the urban area is referred to as the Wildland Urban Interface. This poses unique challenges for firefighting operations. Special training is provided to Vulcan County Fire Departments for the WUI areas.

As a community, it is important to start the conversation on how you can minimize risk in our town and villages from the threat of fire. There are grant opportunities within the Province that can be applied for to help you organize and take action!

Reducing Risk Tips

To minimize the risk to your home and property, follow these best practices;

  • Keep your lawn mowed as short as possible for at least 5ft (1.5m) from your home and around all outbuildings.
  • Reduce the amount of brush and trees close to your home, choose wildfire-resistant plants whenever possible, and space them out.
  • Clear all combustible material, including wood piles, away from your home. Keep these materials no closer than 30ft (10m) from your home and outbuildings.
  • Clear and maintain your eavestrough and roof. Remove debris like dry leaves and twigs to prevent sparks from catching.
  • Trim the low branches of trees to a height of 6ft (2m) from the ground to help reduce the risk of your trees igniting.
  • Apply the same standards of maintenance to all outbuildings on your property as you do your home.
  • Plan and practice your home escape plan, and include a plan for wildfire evacuations.

To book your FireSmart Home Assessment or for further information
please call (403)485-3122 or Email.