Road Closures

The Municipal Government Act (Section 24) gives Alberta municipalities the ability to, with the approval of the Minister of Transportation, close the whole or part of any road described in a surveyed road plan, if Council determines it is no longer required for use by the travelling public due to the existence of an alternate route.

Similarly to Land Use Bylaw amendments, Road Closures are Bylaws that provide a description of where a closure will occur, so that it may be registered with Alberta Land Titles and often, consolidated with an adjacent parcel (or parcels) of land.

Road closures are often pursued if the presence of an undeveloped road allowance will somehow impede a proposed development, or otherwise be of more value as private land than as a public thoroughfare.

The application process is nearly identical to the other bylaw amendments. You can find a form here, and the fee is $1000 (Fees for Service Bylaw). When completing the form, please provide a description of the reason behind pursuing a road closure and the intended use of the land when the process is completed. The Bylaw will then have to receive first reading, have a public hearing, and receive Ministerial approval prior to being given second and third reading. The entire process can be lengthy, depending on processing times with the Minister of Transportation’s office and Alberta Land Titles.

If you have a specific question, or would like more information, please reach out to our Development Department.