New Project – Municipal Development Plan

We are writing a new Municipal Development Plan to help steer Vulcan County over the next 20+ years. This new project will take about 1.5 years to complete and we want you to be a part of that journey. Your valued input will help us address the challenges and opportunities that our municipality faces. Please take a moment to read through some basic facts about Municipal Development Plans.

What is a Municipal Development Plan (MDP)?
  • It is a long-range policy planning document that guides a municipality’s growth and development.
  • It sits atop the local hierarchy of plans and guides long-range decision-making, including the composition of the Land Use Bylaw.

Why is an MDP important to our County?

The MDP provides a policy framework that guides decisions on major land use matters and is often referenced in day-to-day decision-making that affects landowners.

What are the major areas the County is hoping to address by updating the MDP?

In the face of evolving technologies, agricultural innovation, economic pressures, recreational opportunities, energy transition, climate change, updated provincial and federal legislation, and other considerations, Vulcan County aspires toward a thoughtful planning process that will deliver a guiding document for the coming decades of growth and decision-making.

Key topics that are expected to be addressed include, but are not limited, to planning for:

  • Renewable energy developments
  • Confined feeding operations
  • Tourism oriented development
  • Key transportation linkages
  • Provision of housing
  • Environmental sustainability

What is the timeline to complete the MDP?

We invite all ratepayers to participate in future public engagements regarding the development of our Municipal Development Plan.

Please direct all correspondence, including suggestions or representations respecting the Municipal Development Plan to:

Ryan Dyck OR Max Kelly
Oldman River Regional Services Commission
(403)329-1344 or