Public Hearings

Public Hearings are held to obtain input from the public on specific bylaws being considered by Council. They are required for the following purposes:

  • Land Use Bylaw & Amendments
  • Area Structure Plans
  • Municipal Development Plans
  • Road Closures
  • Borrowing
  • Tax Incentives
  • Any other reason that Council deems necessary or as prescribed in the Municipal Government Act

Public Hearings are advertised in the Vulcan Advocate, on the County’s website, and on the County’s bulletin board for two weeks prior to the hearing date. If applicable, notices are mailed directly to affected or adjacent landowners.

When are Public Hearings held?

Vulcan County’s Public Hearings are held during a Council Meeting (daytime) unless Council directs the Public Hearing be held at another time during a Special Council Meeting (if an evening hearing is required).

Public Hearing times are determined by Administration and may be held during the morning or afternoon session of Council. The Public Hearing time will be advertised with the official notice.

Who is notified of Land Use Planning Public Hearings?

Land Use Bylaw / Area Structure Plans / Municipal Development Plans / Road Closures: Vulcan County notifies affected landowners residing within a specified area of the proposed plan.

If the bylaw pertains to all residents of Vulcan County, then notice is provided in the local paper, on our website, or, if necessary, mailed to everyone.

How do I submit comments for consideration at a Public Hearing?

Comments may be submitted in writing or via email for consideration by Council up until the Public Hearing closes. Instructions on who to send the comments to will be provided in the Public Hearing notice.

How do I present at a Public Hearing?

Any member of the public that deems themselves affected by a proposed bylaw may present in person or virtually during a Public Hearing. If presenting virtually, you must register in advance of the Public Hearing by contacting the designated staff in the Public Hearing notice or by contacting legislative services.

What to expect at a Public Hearing?

The Public Hearing process is formalized and referenced in the Procedural Bylaw (Schedule ‘A’) and follows the below procedure:

  • The Reeve will call the Public Hearing to order and state the matter to be considered;
  • Request that Administration provide a report on the matter;
  • Allow the applicant to present;
  • Allow members of the public to present, being for or against the matter;
  • Allow the applicant to make a rebuttal to any points raised by the public;
  • Provide Administration the opportunity for closing comments;
  • The Reeve will close the Public Hearing and advise that no further information on the matter will be considered by Council.

Once a Public Hearing has closed, then the matter is presented to Council for consideration of second and third reading.

Further Information

Contact the Manager of Development Services